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Our elementary math camps are for rising 2nd - 5th graders. Kids build, jump, play, and create math!



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"Who would have thought that my kids favorite summer camp would be math camp? Mia and Jack absolutely LOVED this camp. They attended a variety of sports and drama camps, and they liked this one the best. Every night they could not wait to get back to camp the next day. They loved the way that math was incorporated into challenging activities in such a fun way! " Kristin

Bounce Science

Our middle school camps are for rising 6th - 8th graders. Teens investigate exponents through gravity &, trajectory of falling, bouncing, flying objects.

Fibonacci, Fractals, and 4-D

In this UGA Summer Academy camp for rising 6th - 8th graders, students explore math ideas that lurk in deep dark corners including shadows of 4-D objects, fractals, golden pineapples, and more.

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