Schools need an academic purpose to schedule a field trip, preferably with a STEM focus. A trampoline park is the perfect place to do that. ​

A trampoline park is built on STEM concepts (force, energy, motion, etc.)  which makes it the perfect place to explore, investigate, experiment, and engineer STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Call today to and let us show you how to bring in large numbers of students during underused hours, create a recurring revenue source, and have a blast!

get a jump on the science of trampolines!


STEM Curriculum Designed for Trampoline Parks

 Field Trips, Camps, Spirit Nights, etc.


Park Manager Testimonials

"Adding STEM field trips and camps with MathMind Workshop has been great for our business adding revenue during down times. Vonae and Amy have been great as business partners and consultants to help us craft the offering and assisting in the development of the business. I would not hesitate to recommend MathMind Workshop as an ideal vendor and true business partner."


"Here at CFE Sky Zones (Atlanta, GA Area with three locations), we hit a home run when partnering with Math Mind Workshop. This is a company that has aligned closely with our values and our mission to better our brand while supporting our partners in education. We spent a couple of years limping along in providing an educational field trip by discussing with other curriculum writers; looking for help but not finding anything that would work with our operations teams. 

The MMW curriculum writers continue to score high with the three primary counties that we serve when it comes to meeting our Georgia standards of excellence. It is creative, fun, and engaging teaching and materials that not only do the kids love, but that our team members who are coaching the kids enjoy using. As my team was starting out, we found MMW so supportive and committed to our success. I can not say enough good things about this partnership when it comes to excellence in teaching! 

MMW went above and beyond though with helping us consider the unique need of schools as it comes to how to operate this type of event. We also found them to be very receptive to what we have been learning operationally as well. They have been flexible enough to hear us out and help us improve every time. 

This investment is already seeing a positive return for us and we are a step ahead of our competitors because of it. 
 I highly recommend MMW as a partner in creating STEM Field Trips!"

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