What is one thing you would change about camp? “Nothing because I like everything I learned.”

“I would like more time here… this is the best summer camp ever!”

“Both of my boys had fun and worked their brains. Great concept for math and jumping!”.

Student Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

You better add some more classes, because I got the last space for my child's age group a month before it started. So exciting!!

With over 10 years of experience delivering exciting, engaging, exploration-based STEM camps written and taught by certified teachers with STEM experience and training, our camps deliver the highest quality STEM program. Our curriculum is aligned to state math and science standards and provides over 180 minutes of STEM activities a day. We conduct science experiments, build engineering projects, apply math skills, and experience the science of bounce during open jump time each day as we investigate topics such as force, motion, gravity, elasticity, energy & transfer of energy, magnetism, rebound angles, anti-gravity, and more.

Join us for a week of active, educational, playful FUN!

get a jump on the science of trampolines!

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Camp is really fun, and you do tons of ‘awsome’ ‘experoments’ and you build paper towers, ‘marshmallow’ launchers and golf ball launchers.”

They were talking about it all week!