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Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) Alignment

 Experiment with dropping and swinging motions due to gravity and engineer a motion changing device.


First Grade
Experiment with magnetism and gravity and engineer a magnetic trampoline.
GSE Science: S1P2, GSE Math: MSGE1.NBT.2.b, MSGE1.OA.4, STEM: ENGR-STEM 4
Second Grade

Experiment with gravitational force, mass, and speed, and engineer a device that uses elastic force to change an object's speed and direction.
SE Science: S2P2.a, b, c,  GSE Math: MSGE2.NBT.8, MGSE2.MD.1, STEM: ENGR-STEM 4
Third Grade
 Experiment with the transfer of potential, kinetic, and heat energy and engineer a collision that transfers gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy and to heat energy.
GSE Science: S3P1.a, GSE Math: MGSE3.NF.3.d, STEM: ENGR-STEM 4
Experiment with balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, mass, and free-fall.
GSE Science: S4P3.a.b, GSE Math MGSE4.MD.1, MGSE4.MD.2, MSGE4.NF.6, STEM: ENGR-STEM 4
 Experiment with the radius and strength of a magnetic field and engineer a magnetic spinner.
GSE Science: S5P3.b, GSE Math: MSGE5.MD.1, MSGE5.OA

The experience showed the kids real world connections to physics and got them thinking outside the box. The combination of classroom and play was a great experience for the kids.

- Morehouse college iSTEM Summer Academy Instructor

Teacher Testimonials 

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​                                                        Alabama Course of Study

     Kindergarten – Motion and Force                           Physical Science  K.1, K.2, Math 7,[ K-CC3], 13, [K-CC6]    

     First Grade – Sound                                                Physical Science 1.1, 1.4, Math 21,[1-G3]             

     Second Grade – Properties and  Materials             Physical Science 2.1, 2.2, Math 3, [2-MD1], 14, [2-OA3]    

     Third Grade – Magnetism                                       Physical Science 3.3, 3.4, Math 15, [3-NF3d]     

     Fourth Grade – Energy                                            Physical Science 4.1, 4.3, 4.4, Math 17, [4-NF6], 19, [4-MD1]

     Fifth Grade – Gravity, Force,  Motion                      Physical Science 5.6, 5.7, Math 11, [5-NF1], 12, [5-NF2]


Ms. Bostdorff,

Clarke County

“We were very impressed with the engaging and rigorous STEM activities." 4th grade teacher

"This was an awesome experience for our students. It really helped them to personalize the concepts of "push-pull" and force in their minds. Thank you for the opportunity!"
-Marcia Moore 2nd grade teacher

Trampoline parks are engineered to maximize force, motion, energy, and fun. Our STEM field trip curriculum, designed specifically for trampoline parks, is engineered to help students experience these concepts as they work in small groups to conduct hands-on Science experiments, design Technology, build Engineering challenges, explore Math, and play. Our curriculum is written by experienced classroom teachers and aligned to the state Science, Math, and Engineering standards. Powered by MathMind Workshop, these STEM field trips provide an experience students will never forget!

See how the field trips align to the Georgia and Alabama standards and read testimonials below.

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The STEM classroom lessons were very engaging and connected to the activities…. The transitions between the activities was smooth and well organized. My students still talk about the field trip!!!

2nd grade teacher, Cobb County