Engineering challenges

force and motion:

What is a force? What forces make you move on a trampoline?

What affects the speed of a falling object the most, its mass or its shape?

​How does the force of gravity affect a falling ball and how does it affect a swinging ball?

Does the length of a pendulum affect its speed and motion?

What direction does gravity make things move?

properties and materials:

How does a spring create force? What properties of a spring change the force it creates?

How can materials be sorted by their physical properties?


How is sound created? Can a spring create sound?

How can sound be used to communicate?


How can a magnet create a push force and a pull force?

How can a magnetic force overcome gravity and how can gravity overcome a magnetic force?


When do you have kinetic energy and when do you have potential energy on a trampoline?

How is energy transferred during a double bounce and how does this compare to collisions?

Engineer a device that will change the direction and speed of a falling ball.

Engineer a device that will make magnets bounce.

Engineer a device that will communicate a secret code using vibrations.

Engineer a device that will increase the rebound height of a bouncing ball.

Engineer a device that will create rotational motion using the force of magnetism.

Engineer a device to maximize the transfer of kinetic energy during a collision.

get a jump on the science of trampolines!

How many sets of 10 and how many ones are there in numbers greater than 10 but less than 20?

How can I write and compare numbers?

How can I partition a circle into halves and fourths?​

​How can I identify even numbers and split them into two equal groups?

​How can I compare fractions that have the same denominator?

How can I convert centimeters into meters?

How can I convert fractions with a denominator of 100 into decimals?

​How can I represent data as fractions and solve word problems using subtraction of fractions?​

math explorations

each grade-specific hour of curriculum involves a science experiment, an engineering challenge, and a math exploration.


Experiments & demonstrations