You better add some more classes, because I got the last space for my child's age group a month before it started. So exciting!!

“Both of my boys had fun and worked their brains. Great concept for math and jumping!”.

Camp is really fun, and you do tons of ‘awsome’ ‘experoments’ and you build paper towers, ‘marshmallow’ launchers and golf ball launchers.”

get a jump on the science of trampolines!

What is one thing you would change about camp? “Nothing because I like everything I learned.”

Parent & Student Testimonials

Director of Curriculum, Founder

Vonae Tanner, BS Math Education, 25 years in education on and off school campuses

Director of Business Operations

Amy Harris, 

Board of Advisers

   Brenner Adams


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“I would like more time here… this is the best summer camp ever!”