Curriculum Overview

 Experiment with dropping and swinging motions due to gravity and engineer a motion changing device.

GSE Science: SKP2.A
GSE Math: MGSEK.0A.4, K.CC.A.1, K.NBT.A.1.C

First Grade

Experiment with magnetism and gravity and engineer a magnetic trampoline.
GSE Science: S1P2
GSE Math:1.NBT.B.2.b, 1.OA.B.4

Second Grade

Experiment with gravitational force, mass, and speed, and engineer a device that uses elastic force to change an objects speed and direction.
SE Science: S2P2.a, b, c
 GSE Math: 2.NBT.8, MGSE2.MD.1

Third Grade

Overview:      Experiment with the transfer of potential, kinetic, and heat energy and engineer a device that transfers gravitational kinetic energy to heat energy due to friction.
GSE Science: S3P1.a
GSE Math: 3.NF.A.3.d


Overview: Experiment with balanced and unbalanced forces, gravity, mass, and free-fall.
GSE Science: S4P3.a.b
GSE Math 4.MD.A.1, 4.MD.A.2


 Experiment with the radius and strength of a magnetic field and engineer a gravity-defying magnetic paper clip.
GSE Science: S5P3.b
GSE Math: 5.OA.A.2