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MathMind Workshop is dedicated to creating  STEM learning experiences that incorporate exploration and discovery within an environment of playful innovation, creativity, and fun!

STEM belongs on a trampoline. Trampolines are engineered to maximize force, motion, energy and motion.  In our STEM courses students learn about the science of trampolines, engineer a hands-on project, and investigate the STEM technology in a trampoline park. They also experience the high adrenaline rush of physically active entertainment. Start an unforgettable tradition with STEM today!


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Hear what Park Managers and Teachers have to say…

Trampoline Park Manager of Sales

We hit a home run when partnering with Math Mind Workshop. This is a company that has aligned closely with our values and our mission to better our brand while supporting our partners in education. We spent a couple of years limping along in providing an educational field trip…but not finding anything that would work.

The MMW curriculum writers continue to score high when it comes to meeting our Georgia standards of excellence. It is creative, fun, and engaging teaching and materials that not only do the kids love, but that our team members who are coaching the kids enjoy using.

Trampoline Park Manager

This investment is already seeing a positive return for us and we are a step ahead of our competitors because of it.

I highly recommend MMW as a partner in creating STEM Field Trips!

Trampoline Park Manager

Adding STEM field trips and camps with MathMind Workshop has been great for our business adding revenue during down times. They have been great as business partners and consultants to help us craft the offering and assisting in the development of the business. I would not hesitate to recommend MathMind Workshop as an ideal vendor and true business partner.

2nd Grade Teacher

This was an awesome experience for our students. It really helped them to personalize the concepts of “push-pull” and force in their minds. Thank you for the opportunity!

4th Grade Teacher

The STEM classroom lessons were very engaging and connected to the activities…. The transitions between the activities was smooth and well organized. My students still talk about the field trip!!!

Morehouse College iSTEM Summer Academy Instructor

The experience showed the kids real world connections to physics and got them thinking outside the box. The combination of classroom and play was a great experience for the kids.